Top 10 Benefits of Aqua Jogging

What are the benefits of Aqua Jogging?

Most commonly touted as an alternative workout for injured and rehabbing runners, aqua jogging has taken on a niche of it’s own as an effective cardiovascular workout.

Here’s our list of the Top 10 Aqua Jogging Benefits

#1: Impact Free Workout

There’s a reason why aqua jogging is so popular with dedicated runners. Even when injured, a runner can continue to pursue their favorite fitness activity, albeit in a swimming pool. One of the main aqua jogging benefits to runners is they’re able to maintain their running performance level, as studies have shown an aqua jogging program in lieu of running maintains fitness performance as high as 90%. This means an injured runner can expect to run at 90% time performance upon return from injury if aqua jogging was substituted for actual running during recovery …

For non runners, and I am the perfect example, the non impact workout is very appealing, particularly as ageing joints deal with years of pounding from walking, aerobic classes, and sports.

#2: Water Workout Without The Hassle

For those who don’t particularly enjoy swimming, you can enjoy many of the same benefits of a water workout without dealing with some of the less pleasant aspects of swimming. By using an aqua jogging belt, for example, you can keep your head safely above water – without getting your hair wet or having to wear a cumbersome bathing hat. Further, there’s no worry from chlorine irritated hair and eyes …

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Did you know that when you’re up to your neck in water, your body weighs only 10% of your weight on land? That means if you weigh 150 pounds, the weight is only 15 pounds when floating in the water. You can do the same running activities you’d normally do on land, while breathing normally and getting the same benefit without the impact …

#3: Ease of Adaptation

Anyone can aqua jog, assuming your legs and arms are in normal condition. There are only a few accessories, like a flotation belt, and a few others that are useful but optional.

If you’ve never participated in aqua jogging before, you can become completely acclimated within minutes. It’s as easy as adapting to walking or running, with the only difference being water, which offers distinct benefits as discussed above …

#4: Conditioning

In addition to your cardiovascular system, this activity targets your core muscles, which are engaged by staying afloat. Your quadriceps, hamstrings, shoulders, and back also get an outstanding workout …

You can train your cardiovascular system just as effectively as land based workouts. The similarity is striking, minus of course the impact on your joints!

#5: Resistance Training Benefits of Aqua Jogging

Water workouts offer something many land based workouts don’t … built in resistance. Any movement in the water creates resistance, which has a positive effect on cardiovascular fitness as well as muscle toning.

The intensity in the amount of resistance you experience is determined by your speed in the water. Once you become acclimated, you can increase the speed at which you run in the water and experience additional benefit from the water’s resistance …

#6: Cross Training

Everyone should cross train. Our bodies are so incredibly adaptable, and if you do the same fitness activities over and over, the benefit you receive from them decreases over time. Not to mention, doing the same thing day in and day out is as boring as can be!

A good water workout such as an aqua jogging session breathes new life and motivation into your fitness regimen. Even once a week is a nice change of pace, particularly for your muscles and joints as a hiatus from impact based activities.

#7: The Massage Effect

Every movement in the water serves as a mini massage to your muscles and joints. There’s no wonder why so many people rehabbing from injury are instructed to try water workouts.

Some of the benefits of massage, particularly water based, are increased circulation and lower blood pressure. Being in the water has also been shown to reduce tension and stress. Sounds good!

#8: Enhance Running Performance

The entire process of aqua jogging focuses on good form and an effective range of motion. This includes a long fluid stride, erect posture, and proper arm movements. Focusing on good running form in the water is a great way to improve your running fundamentals as well as performance …

#9: Adaptability of Workout

How, and for how long, you aqua jog is completely adaptable. While the traditional way to perform the activity is completely no impact, you can aqua jog in the shallow end of a pool as well.

If you’re competing for space in a pool, i.e. a swimming pool at your health club, you can easily adapt your workout via a tether. A tether is an aqua jogging accessory that’s designed to hook onto your flotation belt as well as a hook or knob at the edge of the pool. This allows you to experience the full benefit of jogging in the water without actually moving any distance – you’re literally jogging in place, but it doesn’t feel like it at all!

#10: Workouts Are Adjustable

As you can see elsewhere on this site, there are any number of aqua jogging workouts, both in time duration and intensity. You can easily adapt these workouts to your fitness level, time constraints, or both.

Adapting your workouts, even with the same activity, helps keep things fresh and prevents your motivation from lagging. We recommend changing your workout every two weeks to prevent your body from adapting. The more fit you are, the quicker your body will adapt, so plan accordingly …

Once you become comfortable with aqua jogging, you can add to the challenge by using water weights or by wearing a waterproof weighted vest. These two accessories are used frequently in water based fitness classes and add a bit of variety to your workout regimen …


So there you have it … The Top 10 Benefits of Aqua Jogging. Have you experienced other aqua jogging benefits we missed? Give us a shout out via our “Speak Your Mind” page and we’ll add them here …

Enjoy your workout, and experience the benefits of aqua jogging for yourself!

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