Get 25 Aqua Jogging Workout Plans Guaranteed to Boost Your Fitness

Aqua Jogging offers a challenging and fun cardio workout loved by runners to cross trainers for its low impact and fast results.

In this highly effective training method water stimulates resistance and buoyancy and the muscles get a remarkable work out whilst the pressure on the joints is eased for injury free fitness.

A Brand New Step-By-Step Aqua Jogging Workout Guide

Do Aqua Jogging anywhere you have access to a local pool. This step-by-step guide will teach you all the techniques needed for a complete workout.

No need to waste money on a trainer or expensive classes, you can get started immediately with this complete 25 Aqua Jogging Workout Plans For Aqua Jogging Enthusiasts From Beginners To Experts!

"The Ultimate Aqua Jogging Workout Guide: 25 Heart Pumping Aqua Jogging Workouts"

aqua jogging workouts guide

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These 25 easy to learn and highly effective Aqua Jogging Workouts were developed by Jim Hofman, Aqua Jogging Enthusiast and the developer of

Designed with a vast understanding of fitness and supported by years of research and training, Jim’s created a power workout that’s a total blast. It’s fun, challenging and rigorous but best of all you’ll love the results.

Download ‘Aqua Jogging Workout Guide: 25 Heart Pumping Aqua Jogging Workouts’ TODAY for a series of easy-to-follow, challenging, and engaging aqua jogging workouts.

The Benefits of "The Ultimate Aqua Jogging Workout Guide: 25 Heart Pumping Aqua Jogging Workouts"

In this eBook you’ll get a 50+ page guide to everything you need to know to get started and improve your aqua jogging workout instantly, including:

  • A Complete Overview of Aqua Jogging, and Why It’s One of the Most Effective Cardiovascular Workouts
  • A Comprehensive Guide To Aqua Jogging Equipment ... What You Need (and what you don't need!)
  • How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Aqua Jogging Sessions
  • Are You Sabotaging Your Workout With This Common Mistake In Your Form? Here's How To Fix It!
  • How To Measure The Effectiveness of Your Aqua Jogging Workouts ... You Need To Know This Tip!

The Aqua Jogging workout plans in this eBook consider your level, fitness and lifestyle to offer a a variety of plans to suit your needs:

  • Minute-By-Minute Beginner Workout Plans To Help You Get Started With Aqua Jogging ... The Right Way!
  • Specific Workouts For All Levels of Aqua Joggers ... Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced!
  • Don't Have Much Time? Do These 20 Minute Sessions and Get A Great Workout Anyway!
  • 45 Minute and 60 Minute Workout Plans to Get Your Heart Pumping and Your Metabolism Jumping
  • 25 Specific Workouts, Each Outlined Minute-By-Minute ... Take The Thinking Out of Your Workout!
  • Includes 15 Minute, 20 Minute, 30 Minute, 45 Minute, and One Hour Workout Plans
  • And Much More ...

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You’re guaranteed to see the kind of difference that will have heads turning.

Testimonial From One Of Our Customers

"Jim, very impressive workouts in the e-book ... this will go over great! I never thought of the "tether" idea, very creative ...

After 42 years of running, I've been aqua jogging for four years due to arthritis in my hips. Being able to mix things up a little with your different workout plans will help ... thanks again!"

Tom Hayse

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Jim Hofman, Owner and Developer

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