Aqua Jogging Gloves

Aqua Jogging Gloves: Why They’re Important

Once you’re into aqua jogging, one thing you’ll come to appreciate is the minimal amount of accessories needed. We recommend three … an aqua jogging belt, shoes designed to wear in the pool, and aqua jogging gloves.

Sometimes known as swimming gloves or water workout gloves, they’re very useful and thankfully quite inexpensive. Anyone who has spent much time in a chlorine treated swimming pool will understand the first benefit of wearing these gloves. In a nutshell, chlorine is really tough on your hands! Even a short time in the pool can leave your hands wrinkled, chapped, and raw.

Keep Your Hands In Top Condition With These Aqua Gloves – Less Than $20!

A good pair of gloves designed for water workouts solves the issue. The style we recommend is designed to fit comfortably but snugly to keep your hands dry. But unlike cheap rubber gloves, ours slip on and off very easily due to their unique design.

More Benefits of Aqua Jogging Gloves

Pictured on this page are the types of gloves we recommend for aqua jogging. They’re not too pricey at all (about $25), and are specifically designed for water activities. You can use them not only for aqua jogging, but regular swimming as well. They’re also great for snorkeling, scuba diving, water aerobics, and any other water based activity.

As we mentioned, we particularly like using these gloves because they’re really easy to put on and take off … there’s no strap to hassle with. These gloves were designed with the water athlete in mind – they’re fastened with flexible foam that seals tightly and keeps your hands and fingers secure and dry.

The other big difference that we like is the sizing. My hands are big, so as an example, some brands of gloves in size XL fit me well and others don’t. It depends on the cut of the sizing. You’ll find that most aqua jogging gloves come in standard sizes like small, medium, and large, which doesn’t allow for the best fit.

Aqua Jogging Workout Benefits

The best reason to invest in aqua jogging gloves is their unique design. They don’t absorb water, and their 3-dimensional surface allows you to tread water or push water easily. We always recommend you aqua jog with a loosely closed fist, and these gloves gently move water aside without you needing (or being tempted) to push it aside as if you were doing the breast stroke. If you’re using these gloves for other water activities, like swimming for example, they allow you to focus more specifically on your leg movements, while using your hands to help propel you through the water.

The other benefit of these gloves is the dexterity they allow. Because the glove fingers are flexible, you have the same dexterity as if your hands were bare and unprotected … but they grip much better in the water than your bare hands. They’re really useful if you need to grab something suddenly, like the pool ladder or some other object … and they’re particularly helpful if you’re performing water aerobics and need to hold a piece of equipment.

Durable And Easy Care

Best of all, these gloves are super easy to care for. In fact, they really don’t need any care at all … just rinse them off and store them in the bag that comes with. They’re made of rubber latex so they’re as durable as it gets. Beyond durability, they’re ultra comfortable!

Once you start using aqua jogging gloves for your pool workouts, you’ll wonder what you ever did without them. We’ve been using these gloves for about five years now (same pair!) and can’t recommend them highly enough.

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