Aqua Jogging Belt

What Is An Aqua Jogging Belt?

An aqua jogging belt is basically a flotation device that keeps you safely above water while aqua jogging. The belt is not cumbersome at all … it fits snugly around your waist and can be easily adjusted. If you’re not a confident swimmer, or if you simply don’t like to swim for whatever reason, an aqua jogging belt is a must …

Why Use An Aqua Jogging Belt?

Many aqua joggers are runners who use the activity as a cross training workout or to rehab from a running injury. If you fit into either category, it is highly recommended you wear one of these belts.


The main reason is a flotation device allows you to more closely mimic actual running movements. To put it another way, when wearing a flotation belt for pool running, your energy is devoted to maintaining your running form as opposed to staying afloat.

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You can, or course, choose to forego the belt. One advantage to this approach is you’ll amp up the intensity level of your cardio workout. Your legs and hamstrings in particular will need to carry the load of keeping you afloat by literally propelling water behind you. Specifically, you’ll find you’ll need to raise your knees higher than you would while running, and with more frequency. Good running form is compromised in order to stay afloat in the water …

So there’s a bit of a trade off. If you’re a consistent runner and/or training for a race, your best bet is to wear an aqua jogging belt and focus on your form. Further to this point, following a good running form while aqua jogging will give you a very similar workout to a traditional run, assuming your workout is the same length of time.

For non runners, we still recommend you use the belt. Frankly, it eliminates one more variable to have to think about (keeping afloat). And if you’re at all sensitive to going under water in a swimming pool treated with chlorine, the flotation belt solves the issue for you.

Just like any workout activity, proper form is key when aqua jogging. As an example, I’m not a great swimmer. Wearing the belt helps me focus on my form and the actual workout, rather than primarily trying to stay afloat.

One other alternative approach is to use the belt for the bulk of your workout, and then take it off for the last minute or two … kind of as a “final push up the hill”. You’ll work harder for the home stretch of your workout, while not sacrificing proper form for the majority.

Flotation Vest – An Alternative to Using an Aqua Jogger Belt

If you find an aqua jogging belt uncomfortable for whatever reason, another option is a flotation vest. It’s just as it sounds … a vest (sleeveless) that keeps you afloat …

There is one advantage to a flotation vest, and that is the weight is equally distributed across your torso rather than just at the waist with a belt. The advantage is slight, though … neither are particularly heavy, unless you’re wearing a weighted vest for extra resistance.

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