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Welcome to AquaJogging Workouts!

This site is intended to introduce aqua jogging as an alternative lower impact workout. And, of course, provide you with specific aquajogging workouts so you can participate.

My name is Jim Hofman, and until the last few years, I never was much of a swimming pool person. My “go to” fitness activities were always jogging, walking, indoor cycling classes, and resistance training. As I started to get a little, ahem, older, I began to search for lower impact aerobic activities providing the same level of challenge and benefit.

Enter, aqua jogging!

This unique and somewhat under the radar fitness activity is an excellent substitute for running, especially during those times when over-age-40 joints and muscles require a little less pounding.

While I haven’t abandoned (at all) traditional aerobic workouts like those mentioned above, aqua jogging is a refreshing and highly effective change of pace. In searching the web for more information about aqua running, there seemed to be very little information and hence this site was born!

I hope you discover the benefits of aqua jogging as I have! Be sure to bookmark this site as I’ll be adding more content and new workouts frequently.

Thanks again for visiting,

Jim Hofman - Owner of Aquajogging Workouts
Jim Hofman – Owner of Aquajogging Workouts

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