25 Heart Pumping Aqua Jogging Workouts

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Discover an effective low impact cardio workout that is both challenging and fun.

Whether you are a runner looking to cross train, recovering from a running injury or just someone looking for a form of low impact exercise without having to worry about the stress on your joints, our aqua jogging workout guide has got you covered.

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Welcome to Aqua Jogging Workouts

Aqua Jogging is a new water based cardio exercise activity that's gaining tremendous popularity due to its low impact nature. Originally used by injured runners, this challenging workout involves resistance training activity and cardiovascular benefits with little to no impact.

In addition to its popularity with runners as an alternative form of exercise, aqua jogging provides an ideal cross training workout for anyone seeking to improve their fitness level. Similar in a way to water aerobics, aqua jogging offers participants the ability to design their own workouts to fit individual fitness levels and time constraints.

Benefits of Aqua Jogging include:

  • Low Impact Exercise reduces stress on joints and decreasing risk of injury
  • Provides a great cardiovascular workout
  • Maintain fitness during injury rehabilitation
  • Great Cross-training alternative for runners
  • Adds more variety to your workouts so you won't get bored
  • Adjust the workouts to suit any level of difficulty
  • Do anywhere you have access to swimming pool

It's easy to get started.

What Exactly Is Aqua Jogging?

In the simplest terms, aqua jogging is running while in a body of water, almost always a swimming pool. Because the water is bouyant, any sense of impact is severely diminished. Water also provides a great deal of resistance, which helps raise your heart rate and provides cardiovascular benefit.

There are two styles of aqua jogging. The first, and most popular, is no impact whatsoever. This involves performing the running motion in the pool while afloat in the water. If you're wondering how you'd stay afloat, the answer is via an aqua jogging belt, a common accessory for this activity. Similar to a flotation belt, the device keeps your upper body above the water.

The second style is very low impact. Without using a belt, you simply perform the running/jogging movement in the shallow end of the pool with your feet touching the bottom with each stride.

Either style is excellent for rehabbing athletes, or really anyone who wants a good cardiovascular workout or a change of pace from traditional forms of exercise. If you use the treadmill, you'll find this a welcome break from the pounding on your joints! The water is very forgiving to ankles, knees, hips, and feet, but the benefits are the same or better.

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Why Should I Aqua Jog Instead of Just Swimming?

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can do. The benefits are numerous ... cardiovascular training, toning your shoulders, back, legs, etc. But swimming (or even water aerobics) may not be the exercise of choice for many. Whether it's excessive chlorine in the water, getting water in your eyes and mouth, or getting your hair wet there are ample reasons you might shy away from swimming.

On the other hand, aqua jogging provides most of the same positive benefits without needing to submerge yourself in the water. You are still working your shoulders, back, legs, and core muscles as if you were swimming, but without the aspects of swimming many people find uncomfortable.

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Further, if you're at all like me, swimming just isn't your thing. Nothing against swimmers, but like any form of exercise, either you enjoy it or you don't.

Cross Training

Fitness experts agree that the best way to improve your fitness level is to perform a variety of routines and programs. The body is incredibly adaptable and quickly acclimates itself to a continuous workout plan.

For example, if your resistance training involves using the same weight for the same amount of repetitions week after week, your body will adapt and your progress will plateau. The same is true with cardio activities. Jogging on a treadmill at the same speed for the same distance will fail to improve your level of fitness.

Adding in even one aqua jogging workout per week will make a significant difference, not to mention keeping your motivation high and preventing workout boredom. The best news is, the water provides significant resistance, so you'll experience an effective workout in much less time!

About AquaJoggingWorkouts.com

As an experienced aqua jogger, I developed this site to introduce fellow fitness enthusiasts to this safe and highly effective form of cardio training. The purpose if this site is twofold ... as an educational resource and to provide a growing collection of specific aqua jogging workouts you can follow or adapt to your own use.

We should add here that measurement of a jogging-in-the-pool workout is different than, say, running on a treadmill or outdoors. In traditional running, you measure via distance covered. With aqua jogging, distance covered in the pool means little, since most of the distance you'll cover relates to your torso leaning slightly forward as you mimic the running movement. Therefore, to measure intensity, we recommend you use a waterproof heart rate monitor.

Feel free to explore our site, including our introduction to various accessories that will help you as you learn and become proficient. And of course check out our guide on how to aqua jog.

Thank you for visiting AquaJoggingWorkouts.com!

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